Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brother page counts

Most Brother printers and fax machines won't allow you to view the total page count on-screen; you'll have to print out a user settings list to see the count.  But on the printers and fax machines listed below, the page count can be displayed on the screen, without having to print anything out.

DCP series:
- DCP-8060
- DCP-9040CN / DCP-9042CDN
- DCP-9045CDN

HL series:
- HL-2280DW
- HL-4150CDN
- HL-5470DW
- HL-6050
- HL-L2340DW

IntelliFax series:
- IntelliFax 2820
- IntelliFax 2910 / 2920

MFC series:
- MFC-7220
- MFC-7225N
- MFC-7340
- MFC-7440N
- MFC-8460
- MFC-8480DN
- MFC-8510DN
- MFC-8660DN
- MFC-8710DW
- MFC-9325CW

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