Sunday, January 27, 2013

Apple printers

Apple made several different lines of printers, and none of them printed a "true" configuration page from the printer itself like many other brands of printers do.  But they could print startup pages or test pages, which sometimes contained page counts and other information.

LaserWriter series:
Apple's LaserWriter printers by default print out a startup page a couple of minutes after you turn them on.  This startup page typically includes information like page count, amount of memory, ROM version, and other communication settings.

In addition to the startup page, you can print a configuration page through a computer connected to the printer or the printer's network using the Apple utility.  The instructions for printing this configuration page vary by model, and the configuration page includes different information than the startup page.

StyleWriter series:
StyleWriter printers can print a test page, which might not contain anything more than the ROM version and a pattern or design.

- StyleWriter
- StyleWriter II

Color StyleWriter series:
- Color StyleWriter 4100 / 4500

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