Monday, July 11, 2011

Pitney Bowes printer configuration pages

Pitney Bowes offers its customers report printers to go along with their postage systems.  Just like with most other brands of printers, Pitney Bowes printers can print out a configuration page, called a print settings page or a printer settings page, that will give a brief overview of the printer's current setup and options.  To find configuration page instructions for a Pitney Bowes printer, follow the links below.

Pitney Bowes also makes other office devices, including fax machines.  The fax machines may not be able to print a "true" config page, but they can print a similar page, often called a system setup report.  Instructions for printing the system setup report can be found under the appropriate link below.

Fax machines:
- 2050

- 1E05
- 1E08
- 1E20

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