Monday, November 11, 2013

How to print a configuration page from an HP LaserJet P2015 printer

Unlike many HP printers, the LaserJet P2015 does not have a built-in menu or a display screen.  You can't scroll through the menu options to find different settings or see how much toner is left in the cartridge.  The only way to view information at the printer is to print out a configuration page.

The configuration page will show you the printer's page count, the paper tray settings, the printer's serial number, how much memory is available, and much more.  In addition to the configuration page (called the Self Test/Configuration Page) a Supplies Status Page and Network Configuration Page (if applicable) will also print out when you print the configuration page.

To print the configuration page for a LaserJet P2015 printer, follow the steps below.

Turn the printer on using the on/off switch located toward the back of the right side of the machine.  The lights will blink and the printer will go through its warm-up sequence.

Once the printer has warmed up and done all of its self checks, the green light should stay constant and the other lights should go off.  If any of the orange lights remain on or start flashing, you likely either have a paper jam, have no paper loaded in the printer, or are low on toner.  (You will need to remedy any of these situations before the configuration page can be printed.)  If the lights show a paper jam, remove the paper tray and the toner cartridge and check for any stray paper.

Press the Go button (the green button on top of the printer) and hold it down for approximately four seconds. After about four seconds,  the other lights on top of the printer will start to flash.  At this point, release the Go button.  The configuration page will start to print out.

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