Sunday, November 10, 2013

HP LaserJet M4345 MFP configuration page

Unlike many HP LaserJet printers, the M4345 is a multifunction printer (MFP), meaning that it can also scan and copy (and fax, if the fax accessory is installed).

One difference often seen between standard printers and multifunction printers is the touch screen -- a lot of MFPs have a display screen that uses touch technology, so you can make selections directly from the screen, rather than using hard buttons or keys.

The touch screen is used for changing settings and choosing different options, as well as printing out a configuration page.  To print a configuration page, use the touch screen to navigate through the printer's menus as described below.

- Press the down arrow (on the right side of the screen) to scroll down until you see Administration.
- Touch Administration, or the icon to the left of it, to open the administrative settings.
- On the Administration screen, touch the Information section on the screen.
- Touch Configuration/Status Pages.
- In the Status Pages section, touch Configuration Page.
- A new window will appear; touch Print at the bottom of the screen to print out the configuration page.

Depending on the options and accessories installed on your printer, a JetDirect configuration page, fax configuration page, and/or paper handling page may also print out along with the main configuration page.

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