Monday, December 1, 2014

How to print a configuration page from a Kyocera EcoSys FS-4000DN printer

To print out a configuration page (status page) from a Kyocera FS-4000DN printer:

1. Press the silver Menu button on the operation panel.

2. Scroll through the menu options (using either the up or down arrow) until you see the option with "Print" on one line, followed by "Status Page" on the next line.

3. Hit the silver OK button.

4. A question mark (?) will appear on the screen right after "Status Page" -- press the OK button again.

If the printer is warmed up and ready to go, the status page will start to print, and "Processing" will be displayed on the screen.  If it hasn't fully warmed up yet, you'll see the "Please wait" message until it reaches the ready condition, then it will start printing.  After the status page prints, the screen will return to "Ready."

(Originally published on, November 2010)

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