Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Xerox 4112 printer configuration page

Like other Xerox copiers, the 4112 can create and print a configuration report that gives an overview of its current setup.  This configuration report lists everything from ROM versions to Kerberos server settings, and it can be very useful for configuring the copier or for troubleshooting connectivity issues.  The configuration report on the 4112 is very detailed, and takes up about three pages (front and back).  The text is small, so it might take a while to find what you are looking for on it, but all of the settings are broken up into organized categories.  To print the configuration report for a Xerox 4112, follow the steps below.

- Press the Machine Status button on the operation panel (just below the touch screen).
- Touch the box next to Print Reports to select that option and bring up the various report choices.
- From the choices given, select Printer Reports.
- Touch Configuration Report (in the upper left corner).
- Press the Start button to begin printing the report.

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