Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kyocera EcoSys FS-3900DN configuration page

Many printers give you the option to print out a configuration page that outlines many of the machine's settings, as well as other information such as serial number or installed options.  On the Kyocera Ecosys FS-3900DN printer, this page is called a status page.  To print the status page, simply follow the steps below.

- With the printer powered on and ready, press the Menu button to bring up the printer's main menu.  (If the printer is idle or sleeping, you may have to press Menu once to wake it up, and then again to enter the menu.)

- Using the up and down arrows on the printer's operation panel, scroll through the menu options until you see "Print Status Page."  (If you are scrolling down, it will be the option right after "Print Menu Map.")

- With "Print Status Page" displayed, press the OK button.

- A question mark will appear on the screen after "Print Status Page."  Press OK again, and the status page will begin printing out.

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