Friday, November 1, 2013

HP LaserJet 4000 / 4050 / 4100 configuration page

To print a configuration page from an HP LaserJet 4000, 4050, or 4100 printer:

- On the printer's operation panel, press down on the right side of the Menu button.  "INFORMATION MENU" will be displayed on the screen.

- Press down on the right side of the Item button.  "PRINT MENU MAP" will appear.  Press the right side of the Item button again, and "PRINT CONFIGURATION" will be displayed.

- Press the Select button to begin printing.  "PRINTING CONFIGURATION" will appear on the screen, and the Data light will start flashing.  Once the configuration page has finished printing, the screen will return to ready.


  1. The printer is great, a reliable workhorse and showing no sign of aging. I upgrade the computer a few weeks ago and unable to bring it to life. Very annoying. The instruction above is great as the manual no where to be seen. It just shows how good the printer is. Once configured you don;t have to touch it again in years. Now I have to find a driver that works for it.

  2. I don't know what computer you are using but I got my dad's HP LaserJet 4050 TN working on the network by following the instructions in this video here to set the IP address manually:
    Then on macOS I went to add a printer, specified the exact IP address and voila, it worked. I don't know what the setup is like on Windows, but it was really easy on my Mac. Hope that helps!