Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brother MFC-5890CN config page

The config page on a Brother MFC-5890CN (called the "user settings list") contains a lot of information.  It's three pages long, and in those three pages you'll find page counts, fax settings, serial number, copy settings, and network information.  To print the user settings list:

- Press the Menu button
- Press the down arrow button until "Print Reports" is highlighted as the active choice
- Press the OK button
- Press the down arrow until "User Settings" is highlighted
- Press OK
- Press either the black or color Start button


  1. Howto preform a factory reset?

  2. To reset to factory defaults:

    - Press the Scan button
    - Scroll up or down to "Scan to Media"
    - Press the OK button
    - Scroll up or down to "Factory Reset"
    - Press OK
    - Press 1 for "Yes"
    - Press the Stop/Exit button

  3. I'd like to print a demo page for my MFC-5890CN but haven't been able to find out how to do it. (like in the store)

    1. Hi Paul, the MFC-5890CN doesn't have the option to print out a demo page in the same sense that many HP printers do, but you can print a test page if you want to check the color density, color alignment, and image quality. Instructions for printing a test page from the MFC-5890CN can be found here: